whatever you do has an effect on the rest of the universe in all kinds of dimensions. no matter how intimate your actions might be, even the thoughts flowing in your mind space will hit something somewhere in a certain kind of shape and will have an influence.

nowadays i recognize individualism rules and the most adaptable survives (in so called western society) movement. focus is on building up oneself, selling one self’s way of living – which can also turn into a self-destruction if set in an exploitative social context.

it is important to take care of yourself and to work on self-respect, to improve the way of living around you therefore also for you.

we, the individuals build a collective, society. individuals together create certain collective consciousness where some written and unwritten rules apply. everyone follows those ‘’rules’’, if not then you are out or you make your own collective.

it is like a pendulum – it swings when one gives it energy, the more people give it energy, the more it will swing and the stronger it will be. here is where i see the connection with the word and concept of movement.

political movement, art movement, social movement, spiritual movement, etc.

the movement only exists when like-minded people come together and agree to act like one.

i believe in the importance of public sphere and as edward said put it: ‘’..that all human beings are entitled to expect decent standards of behavior concerning freedom and justice from worldly powers or nations, and that deliberate or inadvertent violations of these standards need to be testified to and fought against courageously.’’

everyone is responsible for their own attitudes and it is good to be aware of the influence you have on yourself, on others, on the society, on the environment.


i am investigating the edges of civilized society, of one’s breakdown. my work is shifting between the conceptual and literal, political and personal, resonating on the consequence of individual within the collective and vice versa.

aggression and spirituality combined interest me.

i have an urge to express and deal with so called negative emotions, make those visible and accept their presence. critique is given upon fancy commercial shit which tries to sell perfect personalities and way of living, one that doesn’t exist in a real - physical life, only in media.


using human body as a material, my work often appears as a performance or in time based shape with props - for which, making them being present in the presence is a must. this is meditation time practice.

there is also text constantly present in my work, with this activity i focus on the mind part and fulfil its needs of thinking, writing, and reading. since black on white is very important in this society and it can be used for or against you, the best i can do is play with it, rearrange it and make new forms and meanings – there is no wrong understanding, interpretation is basically correct.

in contrast with the themes i’m surfing on, i’m attracted to bright, vivid colours, to fabric and glitters; basically i cut and stich and glue – on all levels. i am borrowing already existing material – what i learned, read or heard until now, composing it in different ways and giving new meanings for myself and maybe for others too.