Slušaj Mali, eng. ''Listen you little one'', performance with spoken word, Nokia's Tag Line, MOOOF, 2017, (from left to right): Rafael Vasilyev, Daniele Formica, Tina Jeranko, Yulong Jin.


You try to express yourself in words but it doesn't work.
You try to express an emotion floating inside you but words are inadequate.
You try to make a sense out of it but you make even a bigger mess.


This performance derives from stream of consciousness

and is a text collage. What comes out, when one decides

to talk on one's own on demand? I've recorded myself talking,

then listened to the recording and wrote as much as I could

follow the spoken word. Afterwards I repeated the action,

but now reading what I wrote a moment before and then

again writting while listening to the latest recording.

At the end, the text takes a form of a monologue

which is later divided among four individuals as to

present different states of mind intermingling

with each other. Performers are wearing 'tag crowns'


somebody, nobody, everybody and anybody.

Photo: Katarina Juričić